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Welcome to Hötorgets Vårdcentral!

We are a primary care center located in the center of Stockholm, Hötorget.
Here you can make an appointment to our Doctors and Nurses. We also offer vaccination, occupational health care, health screening, insurance medicine and the issue of various health certificates.

Consultation & appointment.

Phone: 08-24 55 91
We are open 8 am to 7 pm every weekday
You will find us here.

In case of serious accidents and/or life threatening conditions always call the national emergency number 112.

Our Doctors

Beimnet Abraha
Phone: +46(0)8-24 55 91 (15:00- 15:30)

Galina Andersson
Phone: +46(0)8-24 55 91 (15:00- 15:30.)

Muleta Bekele
Phone: +46(0)8-24 55 91 (15:00- 15:30.)

Miriam Elias
Phone: +46(0)8-24 55 91 (15:00- 15:30.)

Tarik Zaki
Phone: +46(0)8-24 55 91 (15:00- 15:30.)

Are you a tourist?

As a visitor to Sweden, you are entitled to health and medical care on the same financial terms applicable to Swedish residents. However, you will need to show your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).For more information about the EHIC card and how to apply for one, visit the homepage of the European Commission. Please note that you obtain an EHIC card by contacting the health insurance institution in your country of residence. For more information see Health care for visitors to Sweden.